**Proper Care for Your Clothes: A Guide**

Step One: Understanding Care Labels

Before you embark on the journey of preserving your cherished clothing, it's crucial to decipher the care labels attached to each piece. Care labels provide essential information about how to best maintain your garments. We recognize that these labels can sometimes be confusing, so we'll help you understand them at the bottom of this page.

Step Two: Important Considerations

As you prepare to care for your clothing, keep these key factors in mind:

Colors: To avoid undesirable outcomes like color bleeding or fading, always separate your laundry. Wash similar colors together, maintaining three categories: whites, colors, and blacks.

Material: The fabric of your clothing dictates how it should be washed. Here, we outline the characteristics of various materials and the appropriate washing techniques.

Cotton: Cotton items tend to shrink, so wash them at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees. When dealing with new cotton products, wash them separately to prevent color transfer. You can iron cotton when damp, up to 200 degrees.

Denim: Denim should not be washed frequently. When you do wash it, use a low temperature and turn the jeans inside out. To maintain the shape, allow the product to dry flat.

*Common Problems: Discoloration and Shrinking*

Discoloration and shrinking are common issues that can't be reversed. However, you can take steps to prevent them:

 Discoloration: To avoid discoloration, ensure proper sorting by color. Wash whites separately from colored items, and always follow care label instructions. Using clothing vinegar or color-catching cloths can help.

 Shrinking: Garments shrink when washed at high temperatures. To prevent shrinkage, wash your clothes at a lower temperature (preferably no higher than 30 degrees) and avoid excessive heat during drying. Always adhere to care label recommendations.

Please note that the information provided here is advisory in nature. Individual washing machines have unique settings and capabilities, and we cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from following these recommendations. One overarching guideline remains essential: avoid washing your exquisite clothing too frequently.